Funds Pending Clearance Today?



My funds say that the date for clearance is today:

Aug 13, 15


Funds Pending Clearance (view order)


It is 5:59PM CST Aug, 13th 2015 here and 1:59AM Aug, 14th 2015 tel Aviv time now, yet there are no funds present. Is this a bug?

If anyone could look into this that would be awesome.


Armando Cornaglia


I’m not sure what time zone they use on this site but after being here a long time I assure you that your funds will clear very soon. There is never any problem. I am guessing they use New York time but not sure.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. I read a thread that said tel Aviv timezone so I’m not sure either. I am sure the funds clear soon, it would be nice if I knew which timezone Fiverr operated on for certain.

I do wish there was more information available under “Pending Clearance” status and funds to clear in the FAQ.