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Funds Pending Clearance

What does this step mean? I can’t find any info on it?


Normally, ‘funds pending’ means that the site/bank or business is unsure of whether those funds have ‘cleared’ their end. Until it is cleared, (usually by the person paying via their bank account), the money doesn’t belong to you. If it is you that is sending funds to someone and it is saying this, it will mean that you may not have sufficient funds in the account to pay for something. It usually means that it takes 4-5 days going through the normal funding route to clear all the steps. If you still have this message after the 5 days I would suggest you contact the originator (seller) or buyer and your bank/payment service (i.e. Paypal) and request an update on the status of the payment and the reason for the delay. Good luck!


How long for delivered order to Clear?

  • Upon delivery, orders take 0 to 3 days to “complete” (3rd day is auto-complete).
  • Once “complete”, it takes another 14 days for funds to “clear”.
  • So, funds “clear” and are “available” in 14 to 17 days.
  • You cannot connect your PayPal until you have funds “available”.

    In addition; Fiverr orders have statuses. Go to your Sales area and see a row with the following. A drop down there enables you to sort through the categories.


    Active (order is in and in process)

    **Active Orders can be “InComplete” when Buyer did not submit information required (Clock not Running). Seller “nudges” Buyer to submit info through the “Order Page” (Clock will Start).

    Completed (order is delivered and one of the following)

    A) Completed by Buyer.

    B) Auto complete (Buyer does not review. Auto takes up to 3 days)

    Delivered (order is delivered, but Buyer hasn’t picked it up)

    Buyers can “Reject/Request Modification”. Seller must redeliver & cycle restarts with A or B above.

    Cancelled (order was cancelled by Buyer or Seller)

    NOTE: Funds are not available until;
  • The order is completed (see Completed A / B above)
  • And the 14 day pending period expires

    – Funds available take up to 17 days (1 to 3 days + 14 day pending period)

thanks sir very nicely explained


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is on each funds which we will receive on fiverr, we have to wait for security pending clearance or it is only for first time?