Funds Pending Clearance


Hello fellow fiverrians,

Could you tell me please, what is the acctual reason for “Funds Pending Clearance” process and why does it take so long?



All funds take 14 days to clear. It’s standard Fiverr procedure. I guess that’s to make sure there are no problems with the order and to give buyers a chance to raise any complaints they may have.


Thank you.

14 days it’s a long period, but rules are rules.



Hey, it’s been more than 14 days since I have submitted my last two orders and their payment is still under clearance. What could be the issue?


Another ghostly thread revived. :ghost:

When, will the grave-digging end. :coffin:


I guess it never will! :smiley:
New people will keep going, have issues, and will keep searching for answers.


This graveyard :coffin: is CLOSED until further notice.


I know just the person for the job