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Funds pending glearance

Please why are some of the gigs that are are marked as completed pending clearance?

I am confused here. After about a month some of my revenues are reading

"Revenue for Order Completion" and not yet cleared.

I have gigs that I delivered and are marked complete from June 10 to 20 that have funds that have not yet cleared. Today is 7th and that is more than 14 days. What happened?

Contact Customer Support about this. The forum is not the place to get assistance to directly solve your problem. It is a place to rant.

Glearance = Clearance

Agree with pearlsant. Contact CS.

Reply to @madmoo: That’s the dream. :wink:

Reply to @pearlsant:Agree, you must contact customer service to find out what is happening. They may not even be aware of it, so let them know. I had it happen to me once, and the issue was resolved in 48 hours.