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Funds Returned to Buyer...Gig Complete ONE MONTH AGO

I received two emails this afternoon, one stating that my order had been canceled and funds returned to my account (I didn’t place an order. I sell on Fiverr. I may order something twice a year, if that). And another stating that my buyer had cancelled an order that was marked complete, got a five star review on, and closed over one month ago!!! I checked my earnings tab only to see $160 missing, where it had been refunded to my buyer. Has this happened to anyone before? I reach out to Fiverr support, created a ticket, I’m just baffled as to why this happened. How can an order be canceled and refunded if it closed successfully over a month ago??? I want my money back. I put 1000% into every project and I’m hoping this is some sort of mistake/bug. It also says the buyer can no longer be contacted. What the heck? Anyone else with a similar experience?

Sounds like a chargeback through Paypal.
You have contacted support so wait for their reply and then if they say it is then send them evidence of the work being completed - they MIGHT reimburse you for it.

Thank you for the help! Suddenly I don’t feel so lost on this issue! =) Praying for the best.

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