Funds still clearing.... 3 months later!


How long does it take for funds to clear? I have funds from August still clearing… will I ever get paid?

How’s everyone else’s experience with this? Thank you


You should notify Support. It shouldn’t take this long.

Fiverr Customer Support


yah contact customer support.


Contact Customer Support they will release your funds within 24 hours.


Thanks guys


I contacted customer support and they did nothing and it’s 3 weeks later


Try it one more time. If I had a lot of money frozen up, I would definitely be persistent with them. Some people depend on these payments to live and you at least deserve a reason for the wait.


I started a new ticket and they marked it solved without saying anything… I don’t know what else to do… the funds aren’t clearing anymore but my account balance is still zero… now it’s even worse than before… thanks for your suggestion though! :slight_smile:


Funds only take 14-17 days to clear.

Something else is going on here.

Have a look in your sales account under revenues, click on withdrawals. Are there any withdrawals there? is it your paypal account or payoneer card they are going to. Click on pending clearance - are they all still sitting there saying “funds pending clearance.” Did a buyer try to get a refund through paypal. That can also mess up an account. Is your paypal/paypass set up correctly? When you make a withdrawal (and you can’t if you have zero balance showing), for paypal I know I have to click on a link to get my money, not sure the system behind payoneer though.

Customer Support are good with getting back to me, although sometimes it takes time (a lot of time). You’re level 1, so it doesn’t look like you’ve done anything naughty to take away privileges on your account.


Reply to @golnazgh: They treat new tickets on the same subject as spam. Have you tried adding a new message to the old ticket? Asking for an update, or something?


No there are no withdrawals… it shows balance zero… Nothing naughty has been going on on my end. I was able to withdraw fine several months ago but since August all of the stuck on clearing for ages. No one ever tried to get a refund and I have almost a 5 star review. I’m so confused and fiverr won’t reply to my comments (on the original ticket). I have never received such poor customer service from a website. Thank you though :-/


Did you ever get this issue resolved? I’m in the exact same boat, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is doing anything to resolve it. We’re talking about 200 dollars for orders that should have cleared long ago, and even worse, when I click on the order it tells me I should be able to withdrawal funds, but the funds still aren’t cleared.


Reply to @golnazgh: So you have not tried to make any withdrawls for 9 months? Were you very active on Fiverr before and then were not active?

So you have just been doing work on Fiverr for 9 months without getting paid?

Something doesn’t sound right. HOw many gigs have you actually sold? And how much money is pending?