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Funds Stolen From Account

So, I woke up to $152 being stolen from my Fiverr account. Of course, I immediately contacted Customer Service. Their reply “Yes, it went to your Paypal”. Uh, no it didn’t. I never authorized this or did a withdrawal for the day. Someone stole my money. Their reply was once again the same, so I responded with screenshots from here and Paypal to show that I had no money. After hours of waiting, they give me the transaction ID number and tell me to contact Paypal because according to Fiverr, it was definitely going to the email I use. …Yeah, right.

I contact Paypal and low and behold, the money is going to a completely different Paypal account belonging to someone I don’t even know. I got excited because I just knew Paypal was going to help me out. Nope. Despite seeing that the money was stolen, Paypal told me there’s nothing they can do about it. The thief would have to reverse the funds back to Fiverr. Like that is actually gonna happen. I contacted CS back here, but who knows what they’ll actually do after hearing Paypal’s response.

Such BS. I am so mad right now. Has anyone else gone through this at all that knows how I can go about retrieving the stolen funds?

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Paypal has the identity of this hacker. Did they give you the name?

Did you tell fiverr the name of the hacker?

Is your fiverr password safe from where others can see it?

How did this happen?

The emails used were the same, but the passwords were different. I can call Paypal back to get the identity if that would help Fiverr, but I’m pretty mad right now. All security info has been changed on both sites after immediately finding out this morning, but this is pretty ridiculous.

So they had to go in and change the paypal info in your account, so you can see their name there right?

I don’t know, but if what you said above about a security breach being true then Fiverr should’ve notified everyone about it.

Well the guy sounded a little strange and I looked at it, he had posted it right on the forum because he was mad fiverr wouldn’t give him a bounty for telling them about it, and it didn’t seem to be a real hack to me.

I don’t know. I end up transferring my money over everyday anyways, to avoid crap like this, but this happened right before I woke up. So, obviously I was shocked and completely angry.

So when you went into your account you should have been able to see the info for Paypal he changed yours to, along with the new email address he put in there to get the notification of a withdrawal.

And Paypal uses a bank account for everyone, so it would have to be his real name possibly on his Paypal account, because they are pretty security minded.

All of my information was still the same though on the settings page. Even on Paypal.

So after he changed it to his, he changed it back.

Fiver should have a record of this. I would hope!

Most likely. Paypal can see where it went, so I don’t understand why they can’t do anything.

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They don’t have any way to know that the money was supposed to go to you and not him from fiverr.

The only ones who could possibly have the info of who it was would be fiverr, unless they don’t keep a record of email changes.

Fiverr’s only record was “We see the email is the same that you always use. The money went to your Paypal”. I doubt they have an actual record of anything.

Do you have a roomate or family member who could have seen your fiverr password?

Never received a notification email. I just happened to check my revenues because it was weird to not see money showing when I logged in. Paypal now claims because it went from Fiverr’s account to the thief’s, Fiverr has to stop it. As confused as they were when we spoke earlier, wish me luck.

I’m so sorry to hear this. Did you send the message to the Trust and Safety department?

They need to look into this.

I just messaged them back, so hopefully they create the dispute and get the money returned.

I am not questioning your claim but I once added my debit card to my paypal account and fiverr didn’t allow me to withdraw my amount for 24 hours.
Message was something like " We have observed a recent change to your paypal or fiverr account . try again after 24 hours"

“Stranger Danger is a myth”

Sorry to hear this.
Please let us know how this goes from here.