Funds Stolen From Account


The transaction is between Fiverr and the thief. So on the side of Paypal you don’t have anything to do with the transaction, as a total different account has been used. The solution can only be that Fiverr disputes the transaction, gets the money back and loads it back to your account.
A dispute can take up to 180 days b.t.w.


When misscrystal asked about the emails, what I meant was that the Paypal email I gave on here for my paypal transfers was the same as my paypal account(obviously). The funds however went to the thief’s account. Paypal has now said that Fiverr has to dispute it since the transaction happened from their account to the thief’s account. I have already told CS this, so now i’m just waiting on a reply.


I know :frowning:

I’ll gladly wait however long to receive my funds though. In the meantime, I guess I have to figure out more ways to protect my account on here.


Using a strong password and making sure that the URL starts with https should normally do the trick.


Yeah, I think he clicked on one of those scammy URLs by mistake.


There are 3 other possible explanations:

Someone he knows found his fiverr password
There is an internal leak on fiverr
There is a hack of the site in some way to find passwords

I remember a while back we were all asked to change our passwords so I wonder if he did that then.

If it is the latter two, then it would be happening to lots of people and I haven’t heard of that.


That guy that said there was a security breach was talking about a problem that had already been resolved, and it didn’t give access to passwords unless they clicked on a link they shouldn’t have. It was a type of phishing scam.

Even though what affected you probably wasn’t the exact same scam, your situation does sound like someone got access to your Fiverr account info and possibly your PayPal info. Some of the ways people try to get your info look really legitimate, so maybe it was still a phisher. Unless someone you know had access to your info or knew you well enough to guess it, there aren’t many other ways for it to happen.

I hope you get it resolved, but I wouldn’t count on it. It’s pretty difficult to get funds back once they’ve left Fiverr. Even if you accidentally withdrew your money yourself, it can’t be transferred from PayPal back into your Fiverr account.


It seems like your PC has been key logged. The only entity that can help you is Paypal as they are the last system you know that handled your money. Call them ASAP and inform them this. Thieves usually don’t succeed that fast, and your money might still be in the PayPal system. Give them the transaction information from Fiverr so that they can authenticate your claims fast.


I doubt they don’t have a recording. It might be work to dig it up though, but not much happens on the Internet that isn’t recorded.


This transaction is not between OP and Paypal but between Fiverr and Paypal. He will not get any help from Paypal in this case, as they have nothing to do with what is going on inside the Fiverr system. His own e-mail address wasn’t the one in his account when the transaction took place. So the only party that can intervene here is Fiverr.


For what it’s worth, I had $252 stolen from my account about three years ago, only the email used to retrieve it was similar, but different, to mine. The first I knew was when I received a message telling me the withdrawal had been successful. The upshot of a lot of anger and fristration was that neither PayPal or fiverr could be bothered to do anything. They passed the buck and did fcuk all even though they knew the identity of the culprit. Personally, I think mine was an inside job, and probably yours too, but I can’t prove it. I don’t like to be negative, but I think you’ve seen the last of your money. I also contacted the police, but they couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything either. Basically, we’re screwed!



Woke up to a call from Paypal, as well as messages from Fiverr’s CS and after doing an investigation all last night, our money is in the process of recovery to be sent back to us. Of course we had to send in stuff to verify we own the Paypal account and had to verify information here, but at least we’re getting our money back. Also, they did give us the email and info of who compromised our account. It isn’t anyone we know. Complete stranger. Just wanted to verify that because I kept seeing “someone he knows probably got his info” written on here. At least the funds are being returned and my day can start off better then it did yesterday.


Sincerely, this is a much better news but next times we should be cautious and keep our accounts safer by avoiding using common passwords like QWERTY,123456789, YOUR DATE OF BIRTH or common information that could jeopardize our accounts.We can sleep well with our accounts having an assurance of safety if we use passwords that are highly comprising of mixture of capital letters, small letters, numbers, symbols etc. Thank


Just for the record:


That’s fantastic news! I am so happy to hear this!

I wonder who the culprit is and how it happened.


I’m very happy for you - just wish they’d done the same for me. Too late now, I guess, but well done!


After taking CISCO and programming, I already know to have a strong password and I had a pretty strong one, but the frequency in when it changed is now going to change even more based on this situation.

Also, the culprit is a piece of crap from Europe and that’s all i’ll say as I can’t really type I how I feel about them due to forum rules and such lol.


Wow, that’s scary. But the actions or rather non-actions of Paypal doesn’t surprise me; saying that with long-time experience with PayPal and their bottom quality customer service. Only if it suits them, then they acting of course. Same with eBay.

Sorry to say but I guess your money is vanished and will be.
Update: Great you got your money back!

Stronger passwords in future?
Update: Forget this too. I admit, I didn’t read through …


Read the post just before yours, he’s gotten back his money.


Ups, my slip. Admit didn’t read all content. Thanks.