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Funds Stuck in Clearing

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

A quick question here; is it common for the fund to get stuck in the ‘Clearing’ status even if the promised date is past-due? For example, your Revenues page says that a Gig funds will be cleared on Oct 2, 14, but it is still showing “Clearing” a day or few days later than that Oct 2, 14 that your Revenues page is displaying?

Thank you in advance for any idea :wink:

Sometimes they stay in clearing a day or two more, especially if it’s more than $5 (well, $4 for sellers) or if there were modifications involved.

Reply to @catwriter: Thank you for replying. What are you exactly referring to as “modifications involved” ?

Reply to @othmanito: I mean that the buyer asked for some changes.

Reply to @catwriter: Ok thank you. My buyer did not change anything in the order, but I will wait for more days to see what’s gonna happen.

Yeah, mine does it all the time. No stress :slight_smile: