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funds that cannot be disbursed

Hi, I want to ask, my account which was previously experiencing problems and was finally blocked by the Fiverr, but there are still Pending earnings and Earning balances, Fiverr informed that the funds will be disbursed after 90 days starting from the day the account was deactivated, and today exactly 90 days? Why. Hasn’t there been an email from Fiverr explaining disbursing the funds withheld, and whether the funds that have not been entered into the bank balance, can also be disbursed or not? thank you, please explain in detail

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We cannot “explain in detail”, because this is an issue YOU will have to resolve with Fiverr. We do not have insight into, or control over, your current situation. If you have followed Fiverr’s instructions, then please contact them and resolve it. Good luck.