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Funds Transfer

Why can’t i transfer my balance to paypal? it’s cleared and ready to withdraw. please help

I can’t find it either. I sure hope someone has the answer.

Then how long it takes funds to be clear? Any idea .

whats the process?

I have funds available and when I click to transfer them to PayPal, I get the message,

“You have reached the maximum amount of withdrawals per day. No action is taken. Try again tomorrow.” (It showed up in an orange box across the top of the screen.)

I did one $4 transfer last night, but that was it. I can’t find anywhere in the forum where a daily withdraw cap is addressed?

@heatherhummel i had the Same Message come up on Mine äs Well I have tried a couple days now but it will not go through to paypal. I have contacted CS, will see what they say about it