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Funds Withdrawal: A Technical Problem?


For 21 day now I’ve been trying to withdraw my funds to my Paypal account without success.

I get the message: "A verification email was sent email address you provided on PayPal.

Please check your email and follow the instructions."

I never received such email and attempted this action over dozen times.

I informed Fiverr customer support and they first advised me to check my spam folder (done), then to change the internet browser (done, with three different browsers) and finally then to change my Paypal email (done).

The problem still remains, however.

They created a ticket and called it a “technical problem”, but the problem was never solved.

After some time they stopped answering my messages altogether (I sent seven-eight messages) even though my case is still OPEN.

Ironically, My Paypal account works smoothly when I am a buyer and have funds to spend.

This is not only a technical difficulty, but also an ignorance of a customer. Did someone have a similar experience to mine?



I’m having the same problem now beautifultwo! I got that verification message as well but nothing on my email. I contacted customer support but no answer yet. They asked for my paypal email address which is the same email as what I’m using here, but they told me that I have a different email address here in Fiverr. I am using only ONE email address! So I got confused! I’m waiting for their reply and I’m hoping this issue will be resolved ASAP.


sorry to hear this problem…you pointed out something that has happen to me many times. You submit a ticket, get a reply, it does not get resolved and from that point on no matter how many messages i sent to CS they do not reply.


it’s frustrating when you don’t get a reply from CS at all! Is there anyone who can help us out here?! Please?!


Reply to @steveeyes: Was your problem resolved? did you revenues appear in your paypal account??


Same issue! I am getting this error message

You have reached the maximum amount of withdrawals per day. No action is taken. Try again tomorrow.


I’m thinking of quitting here in Fiverr because of this experience that I’m having right now. I’m a first time user and I’m only 3 months old here! All my hard work and efforts have gone to waste. But I will not quit until I get my hard earned money. This is not for me but for my family. I hope they knew that.