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Funds withdrawl

hi, I have withdrawn my funds to bank account but I didn’t receive any email and there are no funds in Payoneer. And on my earning page in Fiverr it shows me funds withdrawn. Is there some issue or it takes time. As it was my first experience.
thank you


Do you know about payoner issue.?

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I have read numerous warnings on this forum about Payoneer. Look them up. I am not clear on the whole truth, but there are problems with insolvency or something of that kind.

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@teachernita finally I’ve got my payment. Thank you

How many days it took to receive your payments? It’s my first time and I withdrew amount from fiverr to payoneer but still didn’t
get my funds in payoneer

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@amnazain it took only 2 to 3 hours at my side. You will receive soon don’t worry.

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Thankyou anila.
I hope the problem is resolved asap. I have the same issue as well. Fiver page shows that payment has been withdrawal but there aren’t funds in the payoneer. Its already been 3 hours.