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Hi guys, has anyone has problems with their funds in the last 2 days? My funds on fiverr has not cleared since 2 days now and this has never happened before? I have already contacted fiverr about this…


Thats right…


They have been pretty slow for the last few days to be fair (not that I have been watching of course)



Oh and I love my Two TRS Badges, makes me feel all fuzzy again.


Yes madmoo…thats what am saying …its been 2 days for me and ma wondering why? I check this all the time to make sure each of my money is cleared to date. wonder why now guys???


okay its not just me then Lol


You are right there madmoo, you never know…if people aint watching then…


Great…hope you had a great holiday in the great apple? Bet you need all that money now…lol


I see a few orders that should have cleared yesterday, but are still pending. Hmmm I wonder what’s going on. Has anyone put in a ticket yet?


I decided to check the forum just for the problem. I was wondering if it was just my account.