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Funniest Top Rated Seller You've Seen

Not really a rant, just another hilarious reason why Top Rated Seller is so arbitrary. What’s the funniest Top Rated Seller selection you’ve seen that blew your mind as to how they earned it?

Mine: I saw a TRS with 41 (total) reviews and an average sale of $5. Wasn’t even a unique job. She was from the UK though, so that definitely plays to her favor.


How does being from UK help you be a top rated seller?

I think it is more politics than substance. Obviously, the seller has to have something going for them, but since TRS are handpicked by Fiverr editors, who knows what criteria they use. It is kind of like Fiverr’s search engine ranking criteria – who really knows?

It could be as simple as being the right gig at the right time.

What you seen, I have seen and so have most of us. I think all of us have seen one or two sellers get TRS and we scratch our head wondering why. However, I don’t want to take away from those who earned it and deserve it. I guess the pendulum can swing either way.

levinewman said: an average sale of $5

How do you know this? It's impossible to see unless you access her account.

They need to change the title then. Top Rated Seller implies that sales is part of the equation. And yes, the majority of TRS people I’ve seen are from the UK. The large majority. Being TRS is about arbitrary criteria like talking on these forums. What a waste of time.

Reply to @mrproofreading: I meant her most ordered gig. Thanks Mr. Proofreading, where would we be without you being so on point!?

Reply to @madmoo: Says the TWO TRSs that responded and are from the UK.

Reply to @levinewman: I think attitude is pretty important too. I remember your last forum post. :slight_smile:

Reply to @levinewman: Have you ever heard of custom orders?

Reply to @madmoo: My point is that everyone thinks it’s a laughable suggestion to think it’s not biased and two TRSs from the UK are here defending it. I mean, you’re clearly not going to have any other opinion.

Reply to @madmoo: Community participation is an arbitrary part of the equation. That’s a flat out ignorant way to “promote” people. That’s like me having a corporate job and promoting someone who gives great high-fives. Who gives a crap about high-fives??

Reply to @steveeyes: I think you’re 100 percent right. Thanks for the great perspective.

Reply to @madmoo: I don’t want to take away from what you’ve done. I think you have a unique (great) gig and you clearly are passionate about what you do. However, I don’t think it’s a fair system to be promoted based on if you’re liked or not by some person you’ve never provided work for. Some random editor (what are they editing again?) gets to decide if you’re cool enough to be in the club?

Let me put it to you this way, Top Rated Seller doesn’t matter to me, but I’ve made $35,000 in 6 months off of just over 1,300 orders, carry no negative feedback, and sit at 99 percent approval. I’m on track for a big Fiverr year and even if I were to hit six figures early next year, what’s to say I’d “qualify” to be a TRS? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No amount of actual work with actual buyers makes me a TRS. I’m judged on whether or not I’m wasting time on a forum talking to people who spam incessantly about “chek girlz on India hot hawt h0t!”.

That’s why it’s a laughable system.

You can do extremely well at level 2 and you are. I was doing all the sales I needed at level 2, I was very surprised when I received TOS.

I do have resellers that never leave reviews. They prefer to totally stay out of the system. Their reviews are searchable and they’re easily traced by their customers. Which would reveal their sources.

I do believe that playing golf with the bosses and telling them what they want to hear is essential for promotion in a corporate environment. As sad as it is. People like to work with people they like. Well, about 20% of the decisions is probably based on performance.

TOS may be the same. 20% performance. 80% how much they like you and your gig.

So the question is how do you make them notice you and like you, if that is the only part of the equation left?

Be Really Nice!

Reply to @levinewman: Since you’ve mentioned before that you have contacts among the Fiverr brass, you might consider sending along a suggestion like the one kjblynx made in this thread:

There’s lots of support in the forum for adding more levels/less subjective promotion criteria into the system or at least for changing the names of the levels to something that actually makes sense to the average un-invested buyer, but the ideas have been kicked around for more than two years and there’s been no indication that any of the suggestions are being considered or even taken seriously, soooooo…

Reply to @levinewman: I’d say it’s more like promoting the person who strives to make the workplace a welcoming and functional community, on top of doing great work, rather than just promoting the “friendliest” guy.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I must have worn poor Kash Miah down by email and Skype. I complain to that guy relentlessly about the silly stuff that goes on and how people need an actual “goal” to shoot for to take the next step. It’s strange to write about KPIs for people when we, ourselves, don’t actually have them at the highest level. I’ll read it and send it along. Thanks Emason.

Reply to @landongrace: You’re the nicest person on Fiverr! No fair! :slight_smile:

Reply to @levinewman: Sorry to butt in here, I’ve been reading the whole post and some good points were raised. Question- what is a KPI?

The editors are watching several candidates.

Sales, customer service, etc are probably the strong points for most excellent sellers on Fiverr. My bet is there is quite a few of them. Fiverr needs something to differentiate amongst all the excellence on Fiverr. The forum may be what does it.

When you have so many excellent sales people on Fiverr, what may seem insignificant might be what makes a person stand out from the crowd.

Wow, so much jealousy in a single thread. Good thing I’m a good politician (apparently).