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Funny and cheap gig, help a new freelancer out!

This gig is about making a complex explanation about a really stupid theme or idea of your choice. You can purcharse this Gig in order to help a new freelancer out on getting his first orders and reviews while also having a great and funny time with this gig, as it will for sure get at least a couple laughs out of you.

I guess you would consider it half a donation, due to the fact that your first motivation might be just helping me out with which is the beggining of my actual life project.

Thank you to everyone that at least considers checking the gig out. Have a really nice day and have fun!

Languages: Spanish and English (use this in order to contact me, or decide whether you want the order written in english or spanish)

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That’s very interestant, actually looking forward to help you out soon, just have to wait till i finish with some work that i have to get done!

Oh god, thanks brother, it would actually be a very big pleasure to work for you, you can’t make youserlf an idea how much you are gonna help me and how happy this makes me! Have a great day, hope you can finish your work soon.

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