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Funny and cute logo animation
I will make snail logo animation

I offer you,

  • Snail logo animation of your company Logo or Image or any text verse .

  • Full HD (1280x720) video in mp4 format.

  • Background Music added.

  • Logo TransparencyBasic duration will be 15 seconds and I can make any duration you want.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Nice gig. Best of luck

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Creating logo animation by using template from 3rd party websites like video**** is copyright violation.

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Sir,please read Can we Re-sell Videohive templates?

Linking a 4 year old post which has incorrect information, does not justify you to resell videohive templates.

These templates are able to be resold as long as the license fee is paid EVERY TIME you make a video using the template.

If you are selling a gig for $5, it is impossible for you to be paying the license fee each time.

You may see others doing this on fiverr, but these gigs will be removed as soon as fiverr CS is informed they are breaking the videohive license rules, so I advise to either include the required videohive license fee in your gig price or find a new video animation gig.


Also you can’t resell the template itself, no matter what you charge. Though you can create content (a video) with the template as long as each end product (eg. delivered video) is licensed (a license for each end product).

From the site:

Can I re-distribute an item? What about under an Extended License?

No. You can’t license items and then make them available to others ‘as-is’ (that is, as a stand-alone item or as stock), regardless of which license you purchase.

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Sure I am trying to find new animation gigs thanks for help.