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Funny bad stock photos of jobs

So, there is a trend I just found out about, where people post hilariously described stock photos with their job. I laughed so hard at this. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Here is an example:

Let’s keep the fun coming! Show us your best pics / creations :smiley:


Hahah! I always love looking at hilarious stock photos, there are too many… :joy:

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-Look, there! I found a smudge!
-Never mind, I’ve already fired the cleaners!
-So what does this graph shows us?
-Not sure, but they looks like flags to me. Dutch? French?
-Anyways, we better look serious, bonus decisions are happening this afternoon and the boss sees us from her cubicle.


Haha good one.

I don’t have an original one, but I had to share this one with my fellow writers.

I mean, who doesn’t write in his/her underwear? :joy: