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Funny Buyer Requests

Well, so far on Fiverr, here are the kind of buyer requests I’ve seen.

“Hi, I need someone to urgently go to the moon, and get me a tiny little piece of it. I DON’T want anything cut from a meteorite, if you provide this I will know and give you a bad rating instantly. Do not bid for this project if you don’t accept $5. It should be a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing. I need it in 24 hours or less. Thanks”


hahahaha amazing buyer :smile:


hahahahhh its amazing funny experience of you ! i think …

What about sending him piece of cheese? After all, moon is made from cheese lol

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hahahahha right. you’re absolutely right bro…

Then I found more seller already submit the offer, maybe they’re ready to provide the moon for 5$.

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