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Funny Client Experience

When I send

Client: That looks amazing! Thank you so much!

Me: Awesome!

The next day:

Client: Hey do you think you would be able to change the font?

Me: Sure! What type of font are you thinking?

Client: Well I don’t know…

Me: Well here’s some fonts I think would look good, let me know what you think.

I sent a few different fonts over. They really liked one of them. We went with it.

Two days later:

Client: Hey so I don’t want to be a pain but what do you think of doing something more minimal. I really like that idea.

Me: …Sure. Like what?

Client: I’m not sure.

Me: …

Mind you, it wasn’t hard work. But still annoying.

Me: Well you figure out what style you want and I’ll come up with something.

Client: I really like this. With a simple font.

I make the image, they want the font red. Duly changed. Then they want the font simpler. Mind you, we’ve gone minimalist. A vector image and song title are all we have.

Client: They ask for “something more linear, like Times New Roman, but not.

So what they ended up with, went from a really awesome, unique logo with a Times New Roman font

Probably not the worst thing to happen, but I’ve spent a week trying to get them nailed down to an idea, and when he did it was hot garbage.

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Where you went wrong was doing a new order for them without sending them a new custom offer for it.

You did the work and they liked it. That was what you should have delivered immediately.

Then when they wanted something different you should have sent them a custom offer since that would be a new order.

Of course if you offer several revisions without any type of limit on how many or for what then you have to do changes even if they are new ideas they come up with after you do the work.

I think you should deliver the work as soon as they say they are happy with something and not wait. At least that’s what it sounds like to me although I don’t have all the details.


but I’m working on building a portfolio.


Ok then proceed as you were.


you’ll have to get used to it.

Most clients will want to be part of the design process. The skill as a designer is to guide the client to their goal in the quickest route possible. That means asking all the right questions in the beginning. If they back-track then you have an excuse to charge extra.

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Moral of the story: Don’t work for free in order to make a great portfolio. The portfolio is nothing but an excuse, cause lot’s of sellers here never worked for free but they have the godlike portfolios.