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Funny Gig! and Fiverr should take a look at this

Haaa…Haaaa… Today I have seen a gig, which was offering to give Positive Feedback for your gig. Basically you should order for 10$, and they will purchase you gig and give you positive review [-(

In one way It was looking funny, But I don’t think this is a proper way to do business, I see this as fooling the Feedback system. Fiverr should take a look at this issue, Please give your view!

@naveennathan: You need to report Gigs like the one you saw to Customer Support. Selling Gigs that offer positive reviews is against the Terms of Service.

There are plenty of gigs, such as mine, to give products positive reviews for $5. In a way your fiverr gig is also a product, and if gigs like mine are allowed, why shouldn’t that gig be allowed?

Reply to @doobinc: It is like fooling our customer, I think any work or Business should be service oriented not just creating a false image. If this continuous, buyers will frequently fell in wrong hands, and in this competitive world they may easily fall out from Fiverr.

See, if you are doing a quality analysis of the particular service and giving valid feedback, I will appreciate you. But this is like appreciating weeds to grow in our own field.

Thank you for your comment

Reply to @globalva: Can you suggest a truly appropriate way to report these? There is no section in the ticket dropdowns for reporting problems gigs or users violating ToS. There is no “flag” or “report” on gig pages.

I used to have to select all sort of combos to get a report to submit with incorrect choices for dropdowns. Eventually I found it fastest to use the iOS or Android app support to report problem gigs/users but it seems awfully silly to go that route. Most of the time I end up not reporting due to this ticket functionality problem.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I agree, thanks.

I find those drop down menus often do not have the choice of subjects that fit what I am contacting customer service about, so I just choose one randomly. I think CS knows of that problem and probably understands it does not reflect what we are reporting to them about.

I’m sure any gig that offers positive reviews for pay is not allowed here.

Reply to @naveennathan: Yes, it is good news that we can report them, now we just need to know how to do so. If you have ideas on how to report them I would love to know how! :slight_smile:

Reply to @artportraits: Hopefully a response will be offered soon so we can actually report these as they should be. I think many of us could help Fiverr with problem gig issues if a usable reporting method becomes available.

Hi Globalva,

Thank you for your reply, It helps. I was thinking whether we can report this or not. Now its clear

Reply to @fonthaunt: Exactly my sentiments.

Reply to @misscrystal: Good to know that you reported already. I like to know what CS replies, please let us know once they replied

Reply to @naveennathan: In my experience, it is very difficult to report a seller and once you do, the chances of knowing the outcome are zero. You have to open a support ticket, choose some random drop-down selections that will at least give you a chance to write some text in your report, and then you write your notice to Fiverr support. When I do it, I always apologize that my actual message does not match the selections I made in the drop-downs because I cannot find user reporting/abuse selections for tickets.

The response you will get (and I find this understandable) is that Fiverr will send the message to their Trust and Safety department, but for user privacy they will not notify you of the outcome. Some of the ones I reported (i.e. a clear case of identity theft) did appear to result in the account being removed and I know just by checking back. Other reports I have made (i.e. a female user offering to use her body as a human billboard and showing a full nde btt shot as a gig image) were not removed and are still up now.

I entirely understand why Fiverr doesn’t tell the reporting user what their decision is. I do not understand why Fiverr doesn’t have a flag or report button on the individual gigs or accounts for gigs that may be ToS violations. Or, lacking a report button, why there aren’t easy drop-downs in the ticketing section to report offensive gigs or accounts. If anyone in this thread gets an actual response from Fiverr about any of this I would love to see a screen shot, but I don’t think it will happen.