Funny how little politeness can change people's minds


I recently received an order from a new buyer who asked me to write an academic paper for him. Due to technical reasons, I delivered the piece of work a few minutes past the deadline. The buyer felt unhappy as the system closed him out before he could submit the assignment. He then went ahead and put a negative review.
I felt sorry for him and continued to chat with him telling him how deeply sorry I was for letting him down. After few days he returned with more work for me. I was surprised. It turned out he was outsourcing academic work for many students and paying someone to do them. Since then he has given me work after work and they have all turned out to be successful.
The message here is I made a repeat client who was already leaving by being polite and kind. My actions changed his mind. Had I not apologized to him, he would have gone and worked with a different seller. As sellers, we need to exhibit quality customer service skills irrespective of the situations. Just remember, the client is always right.

Politeness is an inexpensive way of making friends
Happy selling


Thanks for sharing your valuable exp.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It would be more polite not to cheat the academic system by writing academic papers for others.


There is so much wrong with this. Cheats of a feather hang together I guess is the moral of this story.


I’m new on fiver as a buyer and 100% agree with you on what a little politeness can do.
Wish there’s a way to shout this out more.
I see so much abruptness in conversation style on the buyer/seller reviews - that 's making me hesitant about which gig is a right fit for me to work with.


Politeness is an inexpensive way of making friends, yes, but being honest and doing the right thing is the best way to make better friends I think…


If we all went by this idea, we would all be sending out lots of pictures of our feet. Joking aside, i really don’t go by the “client is always right” theory. Sometimes this just isn’t the case and the seller has to stand ground.

Cheating is an expensive way of making oneself not welcome at school.


That’s the quote of the day. :clap: Well, for me at least!!!


Well… A writer’s gotta eat.


That is so untrue. Everybody has the right to their opinion, but that is different.

Smart clients hire others who have more experience, and wisdom about a process. Then they listen to the advice of the person who has been down the road before.

Rather than just saying “oh, the client is always right”, you sometimes have to educate them on best practices and experiences you’ve gained over time. (Side note: NOT always worth it on some orders…)

If they ask for an inappropriate task, I attempt to politely educate them, but if they don’t want to hear based on my experience, I send them to another buyer. They are NOT always right. They are ignorant in some cases.

One example: I’ve had clients ask me to read 170 words for a 30 second commercial. Ah… CAN’T BE DONE. The client can ask for anything they want, but nobody can read that fast. (BTW - Normally you would voice 50 to 70 words MAX in 30 seconds, although not all words are equal…)

Smarter clients seek out sellers who have the experience and expertise to guide them, and those sellers show how to get results, even if the initial inquiry was totally wrong.

Give great client service sometimes includes educating a client, showing a path forward, and occasionally telling them they are wrong, in an appropriate and respectful manner.

I understand the bigger picture feeling about, “The client is always right”, but the statement itself is wildly exaggerated. Any seller who takes that as the proper starting point is often doing their clients a disservice.

If YOU have done it 1000 times as a seller, you may know something that the client doesn’t know.

It depends on the client, their background, experiences and existing expertise in the area they are purchasing, combined with where the seller is along the experience path.


courtesy begets courtesy


I don’t see how pandering to a buyer who’s already given you a negative feedback, which can’t be removed, is being polite.

It’s like a dog who bites you - it’s done it once, it’ll probably do it again.

I think my moral compass needs re-adjusting again. :disappointed:


You know what, I will never want to see that buyer again… working again is something beyond imagination. May be that make me impolite in your eyes but how can you work with someone rude like that who gave you a negative review only because the order was few minutes late. I don’t think so in few minutes the world come to an end…


Actually, I didn’t know he would work with me again. I was only being polite because I felt his situation


In this case, buyer gave negative feedback for a genuine reason and not to take advantage of or to blackmail the seller. So, what the seller did here is correct.

I am not delving into the topic of whether it is right to write academic papers for someone else or not as it needs an elaborate discussion on the systems involved.



His situation was a failure at an attempt to cheat. Well, to gain money by helping students cheat.