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Funny Paypal Dispute


I don’t know if I should laugh or what.

Before 1 month, I had gig for formatting books. Actually 2 gigs for $5 only.

I did everything perfect, got 5 stars. And today, one of that 2 orders was cancelled via paypal dispute.

I mean really, people using paypal dispute for $5. Unbelievable


These are fake buyers and exploiting both paypal and fiverr platform to get their work for free. I believe paypal and fiverr has to work on these areas.



It is just ridiculous, to have Paypal Dispute for $5.


That’s so funny Zeeshan.You made me laugh :joy:
@arty182925 Does it a partial refund?


Well, there are cheap buyers, really cheap buyers, then there are crazy cheapskates. :angry:

It’s like the people who say, “Keep the change.” They give you $20 Bill on a $19.99 delivery. :grin::laughing::rofl::joy:


:joy::joy: wow they really do that.


As it was 2 orders for $5, I guess she didn’t do it right, as only 1 was disputed, second one wasn’t lol. She got banned for $5. Interesting buyer…