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On my gig I direct buyers to message me prior to purchase in about 4 different places. I don’t care how oblivious the buyer is, it’s impossible to miss the message “always message me prior to ordering” it’s a guarantee that every buyer will see it at least once.

Naturally when a buyer completely disregards my one requirement that I have plastered all over my page and desides to place an order without messaging me, I am immediately irritated.

Add on top of that, the buyer orders one gig (30 minutes of work) and asks for five hours of work, well now my blood is really boiling.

But let’s not stop there, this buyer has a finishing statement to top it off and says “If you do more than that though, I may even give you 5 stars”… OH MY WORD! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Well at this point I’m seriously wishing that wherever he is, a semi truck comes out of nowhere and does the world a favor. Incase you were wondering my response was to request a cancellation and provide a detailed description of why and exactly what I think of his request.

I hold the system partially responsible for making it easy and acceptable for buyers to behave this way and manipulate sellers into submission. Apparently Fiverr isn’t familiar with the saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Newsflash Fiverr, sellers are the hand that feeds you! Show a little appreciation by putting a stop to the buyer’s abilities to abuse the sellers. This just further fuels my ambitions to make my own business work.

There is no excuse for buyers who behave that way. I can’t speak for every seller, but I’m a proud businesswoman and I will not be treated like a slave by some idiot sitting on the couch in his tight whiteys eating a bag of cheetos. Not gonna happen!

Thanks for listening to me vent!

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You go, girl!

OMG, now I have the couch vision in my head…


Candi x

Haha thanks for the support @edwriter & @creativelycandi and sorry about the visual image lol!

Buyer manipulation has been pretty dominate on Fiverr for some time. Even under the old thumbs up and thumbs down system. I have seen some excellent suggestions posted on the forum, but Fiverr isn’t paying attention.

One I like was giving sellers the ability to make a gig “contact me first” option. If the gig has this option than a buyer would be forced to contact the seller before they can buy.

Another one I like is giving buyers the ability to reject or accept a buyers request.

I guess we can dream.

Ugh, that’s rough.

When I was last on vacation, I had the words, ‘100 words per Gig’ written in my title, twice in my description and again in my request for more info. Several times a day I’d still get buyers giving their request and saying, '500 words minimum!'

What more can you honestly do?!

I hope your business does work out. I do believe some buyers just do it because they know they can get away with it.

Reply to @steveeyes: Absolutely, my thought from the beginning is that ordering gigs should be the same as completing gigs. In order to complete a gig, the seller has to submit and the buyer had to confirm. It should be the same for the front end of the process, the buyer requests the service and the seller confirms it to start. I don’t get understand why Fiverr is so opposed to that.

Fiverr is so wonderful in some ways but has really dropped the ball in others. It’s too bad really.

Reply to @inkpetal: hahaha thanks! ^^^ I love Glee!

Reply to @joethorn: I agree that some buyers do it intentionally and others just don’t pay attention. You can usually assume it’s the sketchy kind if they suggest obeying their commands if you want a good rating.

I could have reported this person but I knew it wouldn’t make a difference. However I feel like Fiverr should be just as outrages by these passive aggressive threats as us sellers. I just don’t understand why they don’t care about sellers at all. I don’t get it…

Reply to @steveeyes: I am so supportive of both of these ideas. Have you written to CS about them to pass on to development? I think I might do that right now.

Reply to @steveeyes:

Perfect ideas and really not difficult to implement. Have these been formally suggested in the ‘Suggestions Box’ and commented on by Fiverr staff?


Candi x

I’d just like to say that I’m normally a buyer not a seller but I would GREATLY support a system which meant the buyer requested the gig and the seller had to accept it to start the process. One of the single biggest irritations on Fiverr for buyers is when you order a gig and then you receive no communication from the seller (even when you prompt them), effectively leaving you to wait for days not knowing whether they’re working on your order. Unfortunately, the reason this happens is normally that the seller has lost interest in Fiverr while still leaving their gig up, but you have no way of knowing that. Once you find out, you then have the choice of either requesting a mutual cancellation and letting that time out or waiting the entire duration of the gig until it goes a day past overdue so you can cancel it as late.

If the seller had to accept a gig when they received it (and they had a guaranteed acceptance time, of say, 24 hours) then that would help avoid this whole issue. It really is better for buyers and sellers alike.

By the way, I’d like to say sorry for any sellers who have found themselves manipulated by these buyers who abuse the fact that they’re the ones giving feedback. If it’s any consolation, the review of one buyer is rarely particularly meaningful in deciding on a gig when weighed against the majority of people saying something else.

Reply to @onesexyrobot: First, thanks for giving this other perspective as a buyer. It’s very insightful and a super valid point. I hadn’t even considered how this would also benefit the buyers. You are totally right though, mutual acceptance would be beneficial to our buyers as well in situations like you have mentioned.

Most of the time, it would be just another small step that would happen quickly. The buyer clicks “order” and the seller says “yeah, let’s do it”… Bing Bang Boom… the order begins! For those other orders though, the less orderly or friendly ones, this system would eliminate so many problems!

Too bad no one with the power to fix it listens to us lol.