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Future for Freelancers

Will Covid-19 bring more work for the Freelancers in Fiverr?? I think so, what do you think??


Yes absolutely.
Because all work now at home…

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Why not join in the conversation here: Are newcomers/ freelancers able to do well in this COVID-19 situation than before?


All people are not used to online classes or courses. Specially, the beginners . SO, what the beginners are learning is really effective for themselves?

If we were to look at the numbers then yes.

However, I believe this will coincide with a massive increase in freelancers as many people in careers viable for freelancing will switch to freelancing, either on the side or whilst they look for a new job after loosing theirs.

This means a vast increase in competition, making finding a niche and returning clientele even more important than ever.

That also means, that on an individual basis, we might actually find a decline in customers.

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Yes, absolutely. The competition becomes tougher… More than 100 persons are fighting for $5 now-a-days…

Exactly, COVID-19 has brought a lot of opportunities for the freelancers.


But freelancers are increasing day by day during Covid. That means, competition is higher than the previous time. Results is zero.

Not Zero actually. Good freelancers are also there, it depends.

Yes maybe. People started buying things online more than before. so there is a higher chance for the businessman to gain more profit and that’s why they will hire freelancers to build e-commerce stores and for other services too.

It depends how you define ‘opportunities’.

I suspect that some buyers will deliberately set their budget artificially low to take advantage of desperate new freelancers who mistakenly believe it is better to work for $5 than to not work at all.

In this scenario, the seller is not presented with an opportunity - but instead abuse.


Yeah I am agreed with that

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