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Gallery photos from mobile


Hello Fiverr. I noticed that even though my gallery photos look very good on computer, in my mobile they look really big and only if you click on them you can see all the photo. How can i fix this? Does anyone know?



Are you taking about your gigs photos ?? Did you check from Fiverr app??


Yes my gig photos. They look very big and not fit on my mobile screen (fiverr app).



Hi Maria, you can only fix that by editing your gig images in a way that leaves enough “white space” on the sides, then you’ll see the whole image including the space (or frames, or patterns, or graphics, or whatever “unimportant” you’d rather put there) on your desktop, and the “space” will be cut off on your phone while still showing the important part of the images.

On the plus side, “white space” (doesn’t have to be white :wink: choose any color you like but don’t put anything important (text) too close to the image edges) is a modern and popular design concept and usually better than “too crowded”.

For the best result on your phone, you’ll have to try out how much space you need to leave on top/bottom and left/right side of the images, then you should save that as a template and use it for any current and future images. Keep in mind though that people use different phones/mobile devices, so other people might not see exactly what you are seeing.


Yes i am trying now this with the white space. I hope this works.