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Gallery Picture Problems?

I have posted this elsewhere but I think it bears repeating.

There have been quite a few complaints from sellers who have been unable to upload their Gallery pix even though they comply with all of the required specifications.

In many cases it’s much less obvious what the real issue is. I have contacted several sellers who were having problems getting their Gallery pix uploaded. I asked them to send me their pix and what I saw was common to all of them. White space! My guess is that the images are being screened by humans and if the image doesn’t have defined boundaries (just the content surrounded by white space) the viewer assumes that the picture doesn’t meet their specs because they are viewing it against a white background. I have suggested adding a border to those kinds of pictures and it has worked each time, .

That could’ve been my problem, now that you mention it. Sometimes I created a new blank jpeg, then after altering a photo as I wanted, I just pasted it on as a new layer or selection before compressing. So for vertically oriented photos, there often was white space on the edges. In any case, I’ve now figured out different ways to create photos that are accepted by Fiverr.

I think your suggestion is probably right on~! Thanks!

I tried to set up several gigs regarding editing and proofing. I figured uploading samples of my writing would be a pretty good way to advertise my skills- original work, easy to read, completely relevant to my gig, right? Wrong. I was told they weren’t ‘pretty’ enough to attract buyers. Firstly, I feel like it should be my right to attempt to attract buyers in the best way I see fit, and not allowing me the chance to try- and fail, if it comes to that- is more than a little condescending. Secondly, I’ve clicked through many of the edit/proof gigs, and most of the pictures that supposedly relate to gigs are of people’s faces (and/or cleavage). How is that related to proofing? Does my face make or break my editing skills? Should I exploit my cleavage in order to get an active gig? What gets me is once, when I was clicking through the ‘assistant’ sections, one of the top selling gigs had a preview picture of a woman in running attire- spandex and a sports bra, running into the sun and away from the camera. It’s a pretty picture, but how is that in any way related to being an assistant?