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Game changer -just want to be part of


hi, i understand that i cant participate in the fiverr game changer contest because im outside of the u.s(its unfortunate that not all fiverr sellers can apply) but i would like to show you the video that i created for that contest .
my gig ad for the game changer contest :

hope you will approve that video that i created just to even small part of that contest .

thank you

Avri music


I really excited to participate in that contest


That’s a creative video. I’m sorry to hear that you can’t be part of the Game Changer project.


Thank you ! I’m glad you like it


I hope the will change the option to participate to all users worldwide


Nice vid! :movie_camera:

Hrm, I didn’t read the requirements for this contest… Want to share a link to the rules?


Thank you very much I wish I was included in that contest hope they will hear about it and allow others to take part.
It’s on term and conditions.


Okay, thanks!

I don’t think they’ll change the terms now. Voting has already begun, and it wouldn’t be fair. Maybe they’ll have another for international business owners, too.