[Game] Collect the collection above yours!


I saw this game on the forum before, I cannot find it anymore.

I thought I would create this game again.

The game is simple, you have to collect the person’s collection in your list.

This will bring the gigs to many new faces and people might even buy the gig! (You never know)

How to:

Collect the above person’s gig then post a link to your gig.

Eg. http://fiverr.com/princemaxx/make-an-amazing-looking-hd-movie-trailer

No cheats, no violations please.

Let’s keep this thread spam free.


Gotta collect 'em all


I must say that is one kick butt gig you have there pricemaxx… Collected!



Collected! Thanks


P.S : I didn’t know that gig was yours. I always see it on the homepage and there is never a day I don’t click on it. It’s amazing, well done.


Thank you!