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[GAME] Corrupted Wishes!


This is definitely one of my favorite games, and I used to play it on another forum a few years ago. So the rule is simple: you state your wish, and the next person will say “granted” but will then corrupt your wish and finally write his/her own wish :smiley: Here’s an example to illustrate this better.

My wish: I wish I had a super power

And the second person to come in will say something like:
Granted. You now have all super powers, but one of them involves loudly hiccuping after every use of a super power.

and then ends the post with his/her wish :D

This should be loads of fun! So here we go:

I wish I could hear people's thoughts


:)) Good one!

Granted, but you start going crazy since it only thinks “need attention! mice! mouse where? i want attention. another mouse?! want attention. need attention. need mouse… oh no, I can see ghosts in this room!” :))

I wish we weren’t the only ones playing :frowning:


(haha, nice one - so I guess I become a maniac :stuck_out_tongue: and I see you’re putting conditions on your wishes - getting tricky!)

Granted! You become invisible for one day, but so does everyone else! :smiley:

I wish I had a girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @madmoo: you forgot the most important part - to corrupt my wish before telling us your wish, like I will do now with yours:

Your wish is granted. But you saw too far into the feature and now you can only remember 1 minute of your life at any time.

So again, my wish is to hear people’s thoughts (please corrupt it :D)


Your wish is granted. But your sleep lasts only for an hour and then you wake up and can’t sleep anymore for the next 23 hours. =D

I wish I could time travel.


Granted, but after every travel you come back 10 years older (how many travels would that make, a total of 5-6 before you…? :P)

I wish I could control people >:)