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[GAME] Jealousy


Ok the games simple all you have to do is give a random reason of why you are jealous of the comment or person above you. Start of with I am Jealous of (username) beacause ____________.

Here I will start us off:

I am Jealous of Madmoo because shes an awesome fiverrer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im jelous of hushed because he has a basketball in his profile picture and i love basketball :slight_smile:




I am jealous of shawnecannon, because he owns blue sunglasses and mine are brown!


I am jealous of hotwebideas because he has a longer username than me! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am jealous of hushed because he knows how to use photoshop and I am a mere cavelady


Jealous of lolacey because she knows how to act and I do not! :slight_smile:


I am jealous of magisworks because magisworks sounds very similar to magicworks


Iā€™m jealous of PrinceMaxx because he is SO young and full of life both behind and ahead of him.