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[GAME] What Rock Bands and Musical Groups Can You Name From This Picture?


There are 72 in this photo. Name as many as you can…


led zeppelin


Reply to @magisworks: That’s all? Just led zeppelin? There are 72 LOL


Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses…


Match Box 20, White Snake, 50 Cent, Men in Suits.


Reply to @anarchofighter: So those are matchboxes… :slight_smile:

I see radiohead


Also, obviously, and with great honor and glory, I point out the …champions: QUEEN

and the Artist Prince.


Don’t forget Kiss


Manic Street Preachers, Scissors Sisters, Garbage, The Eels, Ratt, Pavement, The Doors, Twistd Sisters, Cornershop, Hole, Nine Inch Nails, Sex Pistols, Yellowman, Deep Purple, The White Stripes, The Police, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr, Cypress Hill, Street Car Racer, The Eagles, Iron Maiden


Hey Hey we’re the Monkeys


Great, but you guys are still missing a lot :wink:

hotwebideas said: Great, but you guys are still missing a lot ;)

I guess that would make us metaphorically ... Third Eye Blind.


I think that one is “Smashing Pumpkins”.


Are those “dots” near the NIN perhapse “Eminem?” (You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime)


Any thoughts on the tipped over trash can. I guess next to it is HOLE.

Though I was sure hoping for some ButtHole Surfers :slight_smile: And The Dead Kennedys


Where did you see the “Pet Shoppe Boys?”


I dont know any of them


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: It’s “Green Day”


I now see the full picture.

There is “Skinny Puppy” (or Little Bow Wow?)

And I assumed the “Men in Suits” were…well, the Men in Suits :slight_smile: That’s a band.


I may be …um… really reaching here. But could the Queen be holding “Sex Pistols”??? I mean Um…yeah.