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Gaming and Buyer Requests

Hello everyone! I have a question:
I have 4 gigs with each one the “lifestyle” category and the “gaming” subcategory but the problem is that I almost never receive a buyer request. I say “almost never” because I get one or two buyer requests a day in a long interval.
Anyone know my problem? Thank you😁


Well, there is no problem. You cannot control whether buyers post requests or not. That is their choice. It is completely normal to have very few Buyer Requests when you are a new seller.

You will most likely be able to see more requests once you become a Level 1 seller.

Also, I suspect that there might not be a great deal of demand for the ‘Gaming’ category compared to most other categories, so that might also have something to do with the lower number of Buyer Requests.


Thanks for the quick answer! So there is no problem, I just have to wait haha :sweat_smile: