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Greetings! I was wondering what the gaming community’s success has been on this site for selling their services? I am trying to offer premium apex legends coaching and tips to help improve the overall experience of those who play apex. Do you guys predict if i will have much success offering this service on this site? Thanks for any advice!

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You’d have to be very good. If you’re a predator, probably stream, have a good following, you can make some good profits. If your name is not known and if you don’t have amazing stats to back your claims, most people won’t care or want to pay for coaching.

Gotcha. Not a predator but on my way, been playing for since it released and have stats to back up my own performance.

The thing here is the small market. There won’t be thousands of people looking for that, so if there are already a couple predators and streamers offering their coaching and that’s enough to saturate the market, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage.

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Good point. I do think those few searching for just a thorough critique and some tips on their game play might be interested though. Probably not 100’s even though, you are right.

Yeah, some people will be interested - but unless you can compete on price, if they see someone advertise as a professional player at that game, they’ll all chose them. When there’s a lot of demand, the pros can’t handle all the clients, so they have to raise prices and there’s an opening for new sellers. On small markets, it’s very difficult.

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My prices are reasonable i believe and they are the lowest the site will allow me to make them for the packages. This game is honestly a lot of fun for me so im not looking to get rich here, just help a few people out and make a few bucks a long the way.

If that’s the goal, you lose nothing by having the gig there, passively waiting for clients. My comments were general business strategy if you wanted to make a living doing this.

I hear ya. I appreciate the advice and info. Helped me out. :+1: