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Gaming partner(buddy)

hello i was wondering in wish category should i place my new gig , is called I WILL GAME WITH YOU ONLINE FOR 1 HOUR. i am also new to fiver, :wink: thanks.

Can you even do that kind of gig? It would require contact outside of Fiverr, so you should check on that to make sure it’s ok.

it is ok , most of the gigs require contact outside of fiverr. oh and its through online , it’s not in real life

Maybe with the Personal/Electronic Assistant gigs? Just a heads up, I’m not sure it’s going to sell. You can grab a new party member on an MMO for free, so why pay someone to play with you? Also, unless you have every single game available installed, you’re going to disappoint someone down the line by having to say, “Wait a second, downloading now.”

Plus, buying new games is expensive and won’t be made up for by your gigs.

And contact outside of Fiverr, even online, is against Fiverr TOS.

well i have specified in my gig the only games i have for online playing and most of them are very popular

I’ve seen people selling gigs that require contact outside of fiverr

You also need to take into account that you could get several orders at once, and possibly for more than one game. Unless you have someone to help out, and multiple consoles, you could get stuck with some bad reviews. Plus, your time frame is very limited.

Yeah, as a fairly avid gamer myself I personally wouldn’t pay when you can play MMOs and MMORPGs for free on Steam and whatnot.

How about a gig that provides a detailed walkthrough or secret things in the game that no-one knows about? Something that gamers wouldn’t be able to easily do on their own.

New Category for playing live games. good idea, but i don’t think fiverr will do this!!!

Reply to @giantbot: actually most gigs all information is exchanged through the Fiverr messaging system.

And I know it is online and not real life.