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Gave old computer to brother, he has Fiverr


So I recently bought a computer and last week I went to visit my brother and gave him my old computer. Now, he has Fiverr and he signed himself in but now I am absolutely terrified that they are going to think I have two accounts or something? I’ve heard horror stories. He has his own personal information and account information (e-mail, payment options, etc.) So we do not share a thing in common but it was on my old computer that had my information on it. Am I just being extremely paranoid or is this something I should still by hyperventilating about?

I mean I introduced him to Fiverr for goodness sakes, I brought another customer to them and now I am scared because of it! Haha. :woman_facepalming:


I think you should be good if you just ask him to log you out right? Clear any previously saved data then no worries


Yes. :slight_smile:

You are okay. I’ve used many devices from many locations, including - literally 100’s of IP. I’m still here. I’ve used family & friend computers, some have 5r accounts. I’m still here. I don’t do anything weird or suspicious, so I don’t even think about it while logging in on another computer.

Those that complain on forum about disabled account “out of blue” aren’t exactly being truthful. From what I understand, C.S. gave them several warnings about suspicious activities.

There are millions of accounts here, you really have to do something bad to get C. S. Attention.

5r wants to keep good sellers around. I’m sure you’re fine. :slight_smile:


Thank-you @gina_riley2 ! :orange_heart::purple_heart::green_heart:

I figured as much but when I searched the forums for answers before I made the post all I saw were the scary stories haha.
Ya, and even after I made the post I was thinking I was probably over-stressing the situation. You should see me driving in traffic, I am a nervous wreck. :woman_facepalming: Haha. No pun intended.

Thanks again for calming my silliness. I hope all is well and you are having a great holiday season!
Someone can close this if they’d like :green_heart:

Edit: I made a typo…


As far as I can tell, the only thing that might cause you both problems is if you buy from each other.


He would have a different IP address, so what’s the problem? His own login and pass. I don’t see the connection, really.


Hi catwriter, doesn’t it violate the TOS to log in from the different accounts in the same PC? I really don’t know but I’m also scared about it as I want to update my pc by selling present one.


Having more than one account violates the ToS. OP and her brother don’t have the same IP address, so they’re unlikely to be seen as multis.

How do you know that the new owner will be a Fiverr seller/buyer?

Anyway, if you want to be sure, contact Customer Support, tell them what you plan to do, and ask for their help/advice in avoiding false flags.


Thanks again for the suggestion.


The same PC?.. Just clean your cookies man. The only information you leave as a trace is an IP, cookie data, and sometimes — a MAC address.

You don’t leave CPU data, GPU specs, or whatever.

Sometimes you can leave OS data, and that’s about it.


Hi neromare, thanks for your answer. I think MAC address matters most as it is unique. Isn’t it?Collecting CPU data, GPU specs won’t be tough enough.
However, I just ask to increase my knowledge, I’m not interested at all to do so.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I’m using my account on 5 different devices (often simultaneously) and I’ve never had any problems.
If you get a warning, contact CS.


It is not possible for a person to get the MAC address of a computer from its IP address alone. These two addresses originate from different sources. Simply stated, a computer’s own hardware configuration determines its MAC address while the configuration of the network it is connected to determines its IP address.

Only computers connected to the same TCP/IP local network can determine each other’s MAC addresses.


Helpful information.


You are good cause fiverr or any other service that trace IP only trace internet IP in both cases like direct internet connection (external IP) or through router (internal IP) you are good.