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Gday fellas! 😉

New on the block, thought it best to say hello.
Brand design is my hobby so I’m pursuing it further on Fiverr.

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There’s an Aussie in town! Now we have ourselves a party! :australia:

Nice to meet you, Kurtstudios. :slight_smile:

I took a quick look at your Gig. I like your work.

If I could give you one small piece of advice, though, it would be to fill out your Gig description a little more. Short descriptions don’t tend to be very effective on here; although, that’s a trend, not a rule! Perhaps you could include a little more info about rights to the work, your experience, the software you use, etc.

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Welcome dear! Keep it up:blush:

Cheers for the advice, I’ll look into improving these things!

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