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GDRP Discussion - Moved from a Tangent in an Info Post

They only look like rights. GDPR and new copyright laws are like digging up George Orwell and kicking him once you scratch the surface. :frowning:

Edit: Do move to Europe, though. Some parts are still nice :slight_smile:

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Hmm. If Fiverr would really respect their users’ personal information that much, why wouldn’t they apply that GDRP policy for everyone? :wink: I don’t know what they’re doing with your personal information… :male_detective:

And yea, there are plenty of nice places in Europe, so you’re welcome to visit us. :beers:

that would require paying staff to take care of all of those information requests…

I’m really interested in what’s going on with the copyright laws in EU, because there was a court case that basically said once anything is posted online that it’s public domain. Which I thought was reasonable enough… the new laws would be a complete about face :frowning: