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Gender is Male but have Profile Picture of a Female! Whats the Matter!

Hi Guys!
Did you notice that most of people using profile picture of a female while have name and gender of male?:grin:
Does it put a positive impact on account?:smile:
or Does it make more catchy?:rofl:


These types of sellers have read somewhere that pictures of pretty ladies will get more orders. In truth, it makes the buyer wary. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: The buyer may figure if the seller lies about their image what else do they lie about. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Thus these sellers with images of models :dancer:t2: and movie stars :star2: are hurting their business. The Buyers know that famous people probably do not work on Fiverr! :laughing:


Fiverr probably would use them as a marketing opportunity if they worked on Fiverr

Based on some negative experiences for me as a buyer, I would probably pass on gigs with certain types of profile pics. Same with some countries. It’s unfair to those who are honest, but the blame lies with those who share the demographics. Unless it’s for a modeling gig, I think using a photo that shows off your business is better.

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Exactly this is i want to say.

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