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No…not you too. How badly does everyone here want a new nationality!.

Hey guys will i get banned for this?

I invented the term Fiverrians. Everyone else stole it, including the author of the person who used the word in a forum post in 2014 way before I even joined Fiverr. Yes, I’m on to you.

That said, yes, it is wrong to want a different nationality after being born British. We are the Imperial stock of the world and I do need to do more to remember this. Thank you.


So, are you like obsessed with the Queen and tea too?


Hey @offlinehelpers, did you create your avatar yourself?


Tea? As long as someone else is growing it, harvesting it and brewing it for us, yes. The Queen? Everyone pretends to like her and you do get the occasional die hard royalist. The truth, however, is that by and large, no one has really thought that much of her since she bumped of Princess Di.

Anyway. Don’t take my word for all that. Experience British culture for yourself. Pretend not to speak English, throw your passport in the sea at a pleasant French seaside town called Callais, and swim over and join us!

Favourite British past times involve drinking German beer, appreciating rain but pretending not to think that much of it, and looking for new ways to appease Scotland. As long as you can do one of the aforementioned, you will fit right in.

Of course, I got a bit sick of all that and left but really that’s because I like beer from Belgium and in my own heart, I never really did like the rain that much.


I would visit but my visa only covers countries in the EU. :3


We’re still in the EU and always will be. EU laws are made in Portcullis House (Big scary looking building right across from the House of Parliament) before getting rubber stamped by Brussels. You only need to worry about the silly old EU business if you trade Forex.

Besides that, people at immigration desks in the UK only really care if you look too poor to come in. Waltz in perfumed with some fresh Hennessy Cognac and a Louis Vuitton piece of hand luggage and you will be fine.


Let’s save this for another time, we’re way off topic already.


haha yes u kind of are! would u be interested in reading this book for free? but you also have to contribut in giving thorough feedback! and making it better!


We’re still in the EU and always will be.

If you mean Britain, Britain will leave the EU by the end of March 2019 (according to various sites) now that Article 50 has been triggered.


If you’re still around then, send me a PM and I’ll give you $500 for being right.

Don’t follow politics or news. Sneak under the bed and peak at the financials. Brexit will lead to increases in costs for the NHS alone by at least 30% per patient. In this case, it won’t happen as no one will let go of the NHS without a fight. The government will implement Brexit, people will be outraged when they realize the full implications. A Labour government will save the day by coming up with a ‘New Deal’ and people won’t even realize that they are paying more in 2020 to be in the EU than they were in 2016.

Politics is opera. A beautiful big fat woman singing the most important story in the room but to very few people who can actually see or understand anything more than her breastplate.


The government will implement Brexit

Then as soon as they do (implement Brexit), Britain will not be in the EU and your statement saying it will “always be” (in the EU) will then be shown to be false. Thanks for the $500 :slight_smile:


Your welcome. You’ll need it. :slight_smile:


It was though we locked souls in a crowded cafe. Shrouded in the aroma of day old mochas - two ships, sighting the other in a vast sea of nothing. Destined to flog the oncoming fleet, fore they knew not what awaited.

(From my upcoming tutorial, “fan boy with style”)


I wouldn’t wait. I’d fire my forward cannons and send a vessel out later to scout the wreckage just to make sure my mother wasn’t onboard.

That said, I was kicked out of both scouts and my local yachting club.


Anyways, you can’t trust younglings with knot predilections. Today it’s camping constructs and tomorrow they’re scaling the walls of a financial institution.


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