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General offer can someone please put me through

Hello everyone,
I will grad if someone can put me through on how to send a general offer.
and possibily getting quick response

Hi, on your buyer page itself on the left side below fiverr logo you can see the option “post a request”. Click on that and then you can fill out all the details

thanks for the info …, actually i am a seller i want to know how i can reply general offers

Okay, for that click on “more” on your seller page and select buyer request from the drop down menu. You’ll be directed to buyer request page. Here you’ll be able to see general requests related to your gigs. There’s an option to ‘send offer’. Click on that and send all the details

Thanks Arunajames, I am very please to have you here your reply have given me more ideas and I am looking forget to hear from you again