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General question about Cancelling the Orders


It’s my first post in-here, was just curious about order cancellation policy. As a level one seller, I do have to keep at least 90% of my orders done otherwise I lose the level (due to downgrade of services which would be quite reasonable but not so in this situation, read more) but I actually have had few buyers that literally bought my service, and minutes afterward opened dispute that they don’t want it no more.

I was always kind to accept their cancellations, but it almost completly ruined my Completion %, what do you guys think about such situations? Thanks


As unfortunate as it is, that’s the price sellers are having to pay for freelancing on Fiverr.

Is your buyer also a seller (offering similar services as you) on Fiverr? If that’s the case, I’d decline the request for cancellation and ask CS to cancel the order and cite “fraud” or “ToS violation” as the reason for cancellation. I’d also request CS that they cancel the order without it affecting my stats (if that’s possible).

If that isn’t the case, you could try to convince the buyer to purchase from you by inquiring what it is they need and fin a way to help them out.

Even if the buyer is not convinced and just wants the order canceled, I’d refuse the buyer’s cancellation request. I’d instead contact CS and ask if they could cancel the order for me without it affecting my stats. I have heard that it works sometimes (rarely). It’s still worth a try. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :sunny:

Well, I do have a one buyer that cancelled and then bought again like why…
I was thinking if I should ask support to maybe change my rate but I think after it is done it’s not possible anymore.

You Can Contact Fiverr Help & Support Center.
They can give Yoy the Best solution.