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General question about Fiver

Can I provide more than one services,
means, Can I make two different gigs , one is for logo designing and other for Android App development? Is this effects on my sellings?
Please tell me.


You can provide as many service, as per your GIGS creation limits, and it won’t effect your selling, you will get more orders as per individual GIG impressions and views.

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Thanks. I was doubt that two completely different gigs cause bad effect on selling.

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Yes you can! It all depends on your talent and profile you build up

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I think we can offer many services on Fiverr, from one category to another category ranging from Graphic, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Business, Programming, Music & Audio, etc you can simple LEARN and Develop any skills on the mentioned categories and subcategories.

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You can provide it is allowed, Thanks!

Thanks to all friends.