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General questions

Hello Guys,

I’m quite new to this site, I have just this week done my first order, but there are just a few things I wanted to know. On my profile I have a favourite button, which I assume is people who have added me as favourite, but I have 2 on there. Am I right in assuming that’s how many people have added me as favourite?

Also, I noticed there is a section to request a gig, how does this work? When someone requests a gig, where does it go exactly?

Last, but not least, at what point do buyers get given the chance to review the sellers work? Especially with this being my first gig, I’m hoping for a review and keep hawking over my computer for something that may never come. :frowning:

Please review the forum guidelines posted above each forum as Do’s and Dont’s. Use the search box function before posting and be careful to choose your Forum carefully.

Please help