General Slowdown from Nov 21 to Jan 10?


Not long to go for the Holiday Season. I have always felt that buyers take a break from Nov 21 to Jan 10 in the writing category. Not sure about the other categories, but in my 4 years on Fiverr, this period has been the only one when I don’t get too many orders, not even from my regular buyers. I wonder if this is generally the case on Fiverr.


In my overall business I find januari slow, but not that bad. For now I have reached my target for 2017 if I earn another $10,00. I already covered my housing cost for the entire year 2018, what gives me a peaceful mind if something unforeseen should happen during that time.


I wrote that post back in November last year but had my best month of the year in December so didnt get to do what I had planned although perhaps the busyness was caused by good planning - who knows?


I have to reconsider my overall strategy. I approach things very strategically, but one of my private clients is responsible for 85% of my overall income, what is way to much. 13% are from sales commissions and Google/Youtube etc. so I want to crank up the commission part exponentially as this is something I don’t have to do a lot of work for.