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General TOS because of having more than 7 gigs where i got only exact 7 gigs

No need to wear it man. You will hide the gorgeous look…

I really don’t see the problem with you not wearing a shirt. However, it seems that other people do and may feel passionate enough about it to report you. In this case, you would be best changing your profile picture.

Also, you might want to remember that you have had 2 warnings. A third will result in your account being closed. If this happens, you will lose all your gigs and be unable to withdraw any remaining funds for 90-days.

These warnings never come off accounts. In this case, you may want to consider withdrawing any cleared funds asap and taking your business elsewhere. Maybe, somewhere are bit more hairy chest friendly :).

If you choose to stay, put a shirt on and emphasize your beard in your profile pic. It has been statistically proven that bearded sellers get benefit from more search exposure. - Kind of.


See that the OP has changed his profile picture on the Fiverr page. Much better!


I also don’t see the problem with you not wearing a shirt. You will have to wear it now to avoid the third unexpected flags

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To those who don’t see the problem of being shirtless in a business environment there is no way to explain it.

Also, what’s a movies scrapper? :movie_camera:


I changed my image not because i fear for having a FLAG; indeed it’s for @misscrystal :blush:


Nailed it. :joy::joy::joy:


If you really want to go shirtless, you could grow an incredibly long beard and wear it around you. No one would flag you because of being uncovered. Meanwhile, you could experience unprecedented bearded Fiverr business exposure.

Maybe you could make this a challenge for yourself going forward…

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hahhahahaha you mean seriously, i can’t stop laughing.

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Well, thanks for the suggestion, indeed i got way better challenges for a way forward in my industry.