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General TOS Violation but where?

I have been designing a gig for 4 days. Once i decided that it is time to publish, i waited 1-2 days and then published it. It got instantly banned for General TOS Violation and i have no idea where exactly did i violate TOS, neither in the site nor in the mail i got it says anything about it. TOS has a huuge page and i have read through all of it and i still cannot see where did i violate it. Simply saying “General TOS Violation” isn’t exactly clear when the page is made up of thousands of statements, I simply cannot fix my error and avoid violating TOS if i don’t know what am i doing wrong.

Can you please tell me what should i change? Its name is “i will do your csharp, java, python, cpp, php projects or homework”, i unfortunately cannot send the inner information about it because it now doesn’t let me go into there.


Homework is the problem.

Helping with academic work or projects is a violation of the Terms of Service, and to do so is to risk your account.


Okay thank you @lloydsolutions

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To have more insight and details you can contact the Customer Support if something really important is not clear, they are at your disposal.