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General TOS violation gig

I am unsure of what i have done but as soon as i created my first gig it instantly got denied. It said it need modification but didn’t state where so i tried again and still to no avail.
They messaged me saying

Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig help you get millions on gta hosting casino finale twice due to the following reason/s:

  • General TOS violation
    Please consult our [Help Center] and review our [Terms of Service]for more information.
    The Fiverr Team
    But i cannot see from the TOS what i did wrongm

Pretty sure Fiverr doesn’t allow people to help others cheat the system in a game. That’s why it’s a general violation. Basically, this is not a service that Fiverr agrees with. You can help people get better at a game, offer game coaching and stuff like that. Of course, we are just sellers here, so you may want to talk with customer support.


Damn i am not sure then because i originally bought someone a package of someone who was doing the same thing and that what made me want to start it. They must have slipped past somehow. Thanks for your help, ill try contact the customer support now.