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General TOS violation


I got a warning today, about a TOS I allegedly committed. The interesting thing is they do not tell me what I did! I was goof for 8 years, have not changed a thing - what is it now? Why Fiverr does not tell me?

It’s kind of offensive to tell me read the TOS and do not violate it. To the best of my knowledge, I did NOT.
Even in court, they tell you you have been shoplifting, not just “think it through young man, and read the laws!”

Here is the message I received:
Hi fogi,
A recent action you took violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service. To create a fair and respectable marketplace, we ask that you read and follow the Terms of Service.

This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will result in a demotion of your current level.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

The Fiverr team


You should write to CS. Maybe you did something silly like you wrote the word “money” or “email” in a message, then clicked “post” or whatever, and it triggered an automatic warning.

Or maybe a buyer reported one of your messages.

CS should be able to tell you what really happened.


Hi fogi, this sounds like a frustrating situation to say the least. After eight years here and only one negative review it’s hard to believe you suddenly violated a rule and need to read the TOS.

Did you mention the word “review” in a message? That’s about all I can think of that might have happened.

Did you contact CS? It’s impossible to know what you did unless someone tells you of course.


You have a wicked sense of humor. :slight_smile:

If I was you, I’d make sure to withdraw my earnings asap and put my gigs on pause until I get a straight answer. For all you know, a fellow seller with a grudge could be reporting your profile and claiming all kinds of nonsense. If this results in more warnings, you will end up banned minus your hard earned cash.

Of course, the reason behind your warning could be completely different. The problem is that not knowing what you have done wrong, leaves you likey to repeat your breach of TOS in future.

Maybe also check your earnings page for any refunds. If there is a minus amount which you weren’t previously aware of, it could be that a buyer has complained and been refunded by CS.


This is getting very strange when sellers like fogi are getting warnings without being told what they did wrong.

Sellers get chargebacks or sales cancelled all the time and don’t get demoted for them. It’s obvious fogi never has any problems from her long amazing record. It’s the best record I’ve seen on this site.


Hi @fogi,

Could it be that you made an empty delivery and weren’t aware of? Remeber there have been problems delivering orders.


That’s a good guess. Is there some way to be sure our deliveries are actually going through?


I didn’t know it’s an ongoing issue… I have checked, no empty delivery.

Yes, I wrote to CS, they have not replied in the past 4 hours. I’m afraid they will ignore everything like always and will advise me to read the TOS… Anyways, let’s wait for their answer.


Well, I kindly ask my buyers to let me know if they had any problems when delivering, whethet they didn’t get the file or couldn’t download/open it. That’s the only way I’ve found to keep track just in case.


They should know you by now fogi and give you a direct answer hopefully. If anyone deserves one it’s you.


Sadly, there’s no way for you to know or be sure your delivery went through, unless your buyer tells you :frowning_face:


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Were there any unusual things or conversations that happened in the past week? Any difficulties?


This is the thing. no, nothing. In the past 4 weeks I had zero difficult clients, I had no disagreements or anything like that.


Did you use words like email or paypal in any messages?


Actually, I think @cyaxrex is onto something. Ever since they made it easier for users to report sellers and gigs, we are at their mercy apparently :frowning: I’ve never been reported so far, but 2 days ago (after Fiverr introduced the new blocking tools) I was reported by a person who just couldn’t take No for an answer :roll_eyes:

So there’s also the chance of someone having flagged your gig, or having reported you in Inbox.


May I ask how you know you were reported? I know that a prospective buyer blocked me but I never found out if they had actually reported me. Did you get an official notification? .


I got an update from CS!
Apparently I made buyer requests (Yes, I wanted to buy a fiverr service), which was against the TOS. Still no clue why, and they still only told me to read the TOS. I submitted once, denied. I rephrased. Denied. And a the next day I was slapped with a violation.

Dear Fiverr: Would it be so hard to quote the appropriate TOS paragraph? You above all should be expert on your TOS. This treatment only encourages me to never ever submit a buyer request again. It seems like not only sellers are treated badly, but buyers too?


Yes, in my Inbox I suddenly got a notification “only visible to me” as Fiverr mentioned, that “X is not accepting messages at this time”.

More so, when I tried visiting that user’s profile page, it went back to Fiverr’s homepage like that user doesn’t exist anymore (but when I tried Incognito mode, guess who still has a profile?), so he blocked me to never see my gigs & profile again and to never access his profile again. That never happened to me before these new blocking features.


That doesn’t make any sense - sellers are buyers, too, they should be allowed to make buyer requests! Heck, I know sellers who did without having had any problems… maybe you used some trigger words in your requests that made Fiverr unhappy?


I’ve heard of this happen before. It seems like Fiverr might assume that any seller posting a buyer request is soliciting work from buyers. I would definitely steer clear of ever using BR again. Besides, you’ll save a ton on payment fees simply using another site to post work you have available.

See what you’ve become Fiverr?