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General TOS Violations

Today, When i login on my fiverr account, Then show this message. My knowledge, I did not Violation of TOS.
What should I do now? Please Help me.

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Hi, I imagine that’s a shock to log in to, but it’s a warning, so that’s good already, some people get banned right away without warning, so it probably wasn’t too bad or they think you only did it accidentally and want to give you another chance.

I would read the ToS, and the policies, which are linked from the footer of the site, several times, very carefully, to find out if I accidentally did something that is against anything in there.
If I found the ‘offender’, obviously, not do it again.

If I absolutely had no idea what they are talking about then still, I’d write a polite ticket to CS to tell them I’m not aware of having done anything against the rules and to please tell me what exactly it was that made them send me the account warning, because of course I don’t want to do it again.

And, pre-emptively, yes, I do think they shouldn’t shock people with cryptic messages but point out what exactly the issue is.

Good luck with finding out.


Your write a request to Customer Support to find out your issues, Then they did answer your request?
Should i write now to Customer Support for find out my problem?
And thanks for share your knowledge.

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Sorry, I just shared what I would do, (I’d write = I would write), I didn´t get an account warning yet myself, so I can´t tell you if or what they answered.

It was a suggestion, as you asked for help, if you do it or not, is up to you, of course.

But as you say that you didn´t do anything against the ToS to your knowledge, and we here on the forum can´t know if you did any better than you, your only options to find out as far as I can see are

  1. Reading ToS and Policies
  2. Writing to Customer Support and asking them

The mail they sent you, expressly says ‘if you have questions or concerns, please don´t hesitate to reach out’, so I´d take them up on that offer and ask them.

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